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Reno Legal Issues Blog

Drunk driver causes serious accident

Reno, Nevada, drivers know how dangerous it is to drive after they have been drinking. Drunk driving crashes are completely preventable and can cause injury or even death. A personal injury case may be necessary, if a person has suffered catastrophic injuries, as the result of a negligent driver.

An accident occurred recently that injured two people at Mill Street and Rock Blvd. The suspect driving the car caused the crash ran from the scene and jumped in to the Truckee River. He was later arrested at Rock Park. The driver is suspected of being under the influence. Two people were injured in the car that he hit. One of the victims had to be extricated from the vehicle.

Do grandparents have rights in Nevada?

When a couple decides to get a divorce, it often affects more than just the two of them. Many times children are a part of a marriage and grandparents are also beloved family members. Nevada grandparents may wonder if they will have any rights to visit their grandchildren once the divorce is finalized.

Nevada has a grandparent statute that applies to grandparents and any other third-party who is interested in establishing visitation with a child. Grandparents can only get visitation if the grandparent's child has died or if their child is a non-custodial parent. If the grandparent's child is alive or has custody then the grandparent would not be able to have visitation rights.

Expert medical witness banned from testifying

Expert witnesses may be vital part in a Nevada personal injury lawsuit to prove a cause of action or to bolster a defense. In a rare move that may impact witness qualifications, two Las Vegas judges barred a local neurosurgeon from presenting testimony in two cases because he was biased against plaintiffs in personal injury cases.

The physician provides second opinion testimony on behalf of insurance cases in these cases. He earns approximately one million each year for testifying.

Nevada drunk driving basics

Drivers who face operating under the influence charges in Nevada should prepare a criminal defense, as serious consequences may follow a conviction. For example, the first DUI conviction is a misdemeanor punishable by up to six months imprisonment and a $1,000 fine. It has minimum penalties of two days incarceration or 48 to 96 hours of community service, as well as mandatory attendance at DUI course.

A second offense within seven years is also a misdemeanor punishable by 10 days to six months imprisonment and a fine of $750 to $1,000. A third offense within seven years is a felony with a sentence of one to six years of incarceration and a $2,000 to $5,000 fine. In the alternative, probation is sometimes imposed.

Nevada expands parentage rights

Recognizing the changing nature of families, Nevada amended its family law relating to parental rights to make it gender neutral. Beginning July 1, the law will no longer utilize the term acknowledgment of paternity and instead refer to acknowledgment of parentage, thereby granting equal rights to married couples of children conceived during marriage from donor sperm or artificial insemination.

Words such as paternity, husband, and father refer to males. Nevada's amended law now covers family structures that do not fall within a male-female relationship, such as same sex couples. For example, the state may recognize the non-biological mother in a female-female couple as a parent similar to a male spouse in what many consider a "traditional" marriage.

Traffic deaths rise with economy

The stronger economy has encouraged motorists to drive more often and more dangerously. The risk of personal injury and dying in a car accident in a late model car has risen slightly according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The overall fatality rate involving 2014 models is 30 per one million registered vehicle years. This is an increase from 28 for 2011 models. This latest study is based upon car crash fatalities that occurred from 2012-2015. In its last study, however, IIHS found that the overall rate dropped by almost a third over a three-year period. This was attributed to improved vehicle designs and safety technology.

These safety improvements have continued but have not led to lower traffic deaths since the last study. While fatalities dropped greatly beginning in 2008, there was a seven percent rise in 2015 compared to 2014. Preliminary data indicates that this will also increase in 2016.

Workers' compensation basics in Nevada

Nevada's workers' compensation program is a no-fault insurance plan that gives guaranteed financial payments to workers who suffer a work-related injury. It pays for lost wages and medical expenses and makes lump sum disability disbursements. Workers' give up the private right to sue employers for negligence in return for prompt payment and avoiding the delay, cost and acrimony associated with a lawsuit.

In order to receive these benefits, workers must show that they suffered a work-related injury. They do not have to prove that their employer was negligent or responsible for their injury. Personal business, such as commuting to work, is not covered. A workers' failure to follow workplace safety rules may also substantially reduce their compensation award as much as 30 percent.

What to do after a hit-and-run accident

You are driving along one fine evening when another car hits yours. Then it flees, leaving you confused and angry. Hopefully, this has never happened to you and never will. Just in case it does, though, it is good to know in advance what to do.

Make sure you get to safety and check that everyone else involved is also safe, then follow these tips:

4 summer driving hazards for Reno bikers

It is easy to tell that summer is almost here: the kids are anxious for school to end, you already have your travel plans and the temperatures are getting hotter. There is much fun to look forward to.

But summer also means more sources of motorcycle accidents. Make sure your summer is safe by being aware of these four summer driving hazards in Reno and the surrounding area.

Compensatory damages in car accident cases

A car accident can change your life for the worse in the blink of an eye. The resulting injuries can be catastrophic. Even when they are not, they can call for extensive medical treatment and interfere with your ability to earn a living.

Most car accident victims know the impact of the crash on their lives, but may have trouble putting a dollar amount on it. However, understanding what your case may be worth can help you avoid settling for inadequate amounts, which insurers may offer in the beginning of your case.

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