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family law Archives

What are the steps in the adoption process in Nevada?

All children in Nevada deserve to have loving parents who provide them with safe and supportive homes in which to grow and thrive. Sometimes prospective parents in Nevada choose to adopt a child. Adoption is a wonderful way to grow a family, but there are steps that need to be taken to legally adopt a child.

Dealing with the emotional stress of divorce

The decision to divorce is usually not an easy one. It is also one that often comes with a lot of stress. When a couple in Nevada decides to marry, they usually do so with the intent that their union will last forever. Therefore, the decision to divorce -- even if divorce is in both party's best interests -- can be a painful one. Is there anything a person going through a divorce can do to make the process less painful and exhausting?

Do grandparents have rights in Nevada?

When a couple decides to get a divorce, it often affects more than just the two of them. Many times children are a part of a marriage and grandparents are also beloved family members. Nevada grandparents may wonder if they will have any rights to visit their grandchildren once the divorce is finalized.

Nevada expands parentage rights

Recognizing the changing nature of families, Nevada amended its family law relating to parental rights to make it gender neutral. Beginning July 1, the law will no longer utilize the term acknowledgment of paternity and instead refer to acknowledgment of parentage, thereby granting equal rights to married couples of children conceived during marriage from donor sperm or artificial insemination.

Surviving divorce on an emotional level

As you jump through the hoops and work through ending your marriage, you will deal with matters of child support, alimony, custody and equitable distribution. While these are all important problems to address, you should also be concerned with how you, your children and your ex emotionally survive your divorce. Once the decision has been made, use the following tips to help you get by.

Get alimony? Then get organized

Depending on the circumstances and the determination of a court, alimony (or spousal support) may be awarded to you as a result of a divorce. This support provides critical financial help to those who need it after a divorce upends their normal life. When it is awarded, alimony must be diligently tracked by both of the parties involved, because spousal support can have serious implications going forward.

Many legal matters under the family law umbrella

When you think about the phrase "family law," you probably immediately think about divorce, child custody and other issues that pertain to the dissolution of marriage. These topics certainly are central to the premise of family law, but they are not the only things to consider when you are in need of an attorney with experience in family law matters.

Facing divorce? Consider swinging a sledgehammer

Whether or not you initiated the divorce, you are almost certain to experience varying degrees of shock, grief and stress during the legal proceedings. However, it is critical that you not carry these negative emotions into negotiations for support, custody or distribution of marital assets.

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