We Are Passionate About Helping People

At the Law Firm of Laub & Laub, our attorneys believe in helping people through whatever difficulties life may bring. It is the philosophy of our founding attorney and our family to make the world a better place through passion, hard work and a commitment to justice.

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Why Joe Laub Created "Walk-In Wednesday"

"Hi, I'm Joe Laub. My grandfather planted one tree per year. He wanted to leave this world better than he came into it. One of the trees is so big and beautiful that the city of Vallejo designed and built an intersection around that tree. That life lesson was not lost on my father, me, nor my four children.

Personally, I feel that attorneys should feel obligated to share our years of education, years of training and experience by answering your legal questions for free. You may need help and you may need it now. That is why I created "Walk-In Wednesday." You don't even need an appointment to get your legal questions answered. Just come into our office, and it won't cost you anything.

I block out part of my daily schedule just to meet with the public who walks in to get their questions answered, or for people who have urgent legal matters that cannot wait and must be addressed immediately. The sooner you get your answers, the better off you and your family will be."

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Call, Text Or Email Us Today

Of course, you're welcome to text Reno attorney Joe Laub for help whenever you need it, day or night, at 775-230-4111. You can also stop by on a Wednesday and take advantage of a free, personal meeting with him.

If you prefer to set up a consultation in advance, simply call 775-391-4153 or email us today.