Charged With Domestic Violence Or Assault?

If you were charged with domestic violence, assault or a similar offense, you probably feel like it's you against the world. After all, there are two sides to every story, but has anybody really listened to your side? Does anyone really care about you?

At the Law Firm of Laub & Laub, we're here to listen. We're also here to help you craft the strongest defense possible against the serious charges you face. With more than 50 years of experience in criminal defense throughout Nevada and California, we have the skill and resources you can rely on.

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We Will Fight For What Matters Most To You

Let us vigorously advocate for what matters most in your life. Among other things, we can fight to:

  • Keep you out of jail — As you may imagine, a violent crime conviction would put you behind bars for a considerable amount of time.
  • Protect your right to own a gun — Both federal and state laws prohibit those convicted of domestic violence from possessing firearms. If you need to carry a gun for work, a conviction could destroy your career.
  • Guard your relationships with your children — You may lose your child custody or visitation rights if you are convicted of domestic violence or assault against a family member.

Get A Consultation About Your Rights Today

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