Making Changes To Existing Orders

Life is dynamic, not static. Few things stay the same for any length of time. This applies to your family, too. If life circumstances have significantly changed for you or your children, you may need to modify the terms of your custody, support or alimony order.

The Law Firm of Laub & Laub is here to advise and assist you with divorce-related modifications in Nevada and California. Our team of lawyers has been representing clients in a wide array of family law matters since 1965. We have the legal experience and compassionate approach you need to resolve your concerns as effectively as possible.

What Counts As A "Substantial Change In Circumstances"?

In order for the court to grant a modification, you must be able to show that a "substantial change in circumstances" has occurred since the last court order was entered. Here are a few examples of potential life changes that could make a modification possible:

  • Your employer transferred you to a different state, so you need to change the existing parenting plan
  • You want to relocate with your child so he or she can attend a better school
  • You lost your job and are unable to afford the current child support payments
  • Your ex-spouse gained a higher paying job, so he or she doesn't require as much alimony anymore

Dealing With Emergency Situations

If your child is in immediate danger of abuse, it may be possible to obtain emergency custody. Let our attorneys help you petition the court and protect your child's well-being.

Learn More About Your Options

Learn more about making modifications to custody, visitation or support orders by scheduling a consultation with one of our family law attorneys. Call the Law Firm of Laub & Laub in Reno at 775-391-4153. Alternately, you can reach us via email.