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Workers in Nevada can appeal a denied workers' comp claim

When a person in Nevada is injured or made ill on the job, their primary focus may be on simply regaining their health. Unfortunately, some illnesses or injuries could prevent a person from working for weeks or even months. This is why the workers' compensation system is so important. It provides injured or ill workers with the financial resources they need while they're recovering. A worker should not need to worry about medical bills or lost wages at such times; they should be able to simply do what is necessary to get better.

Unfortunately, navigating the workers' compensation system can be complicated and sometimes a person's claim for benefits is denied. If a worker believes this was done in error, they have the ability to appeal the decision. The first step in the appeals process is to request a hearing.

Why must I report minor work injuries?

You are probably aware by now that accidents are a common occurrence at worksites everywhere. In an unfortunate turn of events, you find yourself contemplating if you really need to report a workplace accident in Reno that left you with very minor injuries. At the time of the accident, you did not experience much discomfort. However, how do you know if the little bit of trauma you suffered is enough to warrant filing an accident and injury report with your employer? 

It is good practice and highly advisable for you to report all injuries, even if you do not continue to feel pain and discomfort for several minutes, days or weeks afterward. Some mild injuries can become severe and further aggravated. Here is some information to help you better understand the importance of reporting workplace injuries.

How does assault differ from battery in Nevada?

People in Nevada will sometimes get into arguments with others. These arguments can be domestic in nature or they can be between two strangers. These arguments can often be resolved peacefully, but sometimes the situation becomes very heated and one of the parties involved will be accused of committing assault or battery. There are significant distinctions between these two crimes; they are not the same thing. Nevada statutes define these two crimes and address the penalties a person will face if convicted of assault or battery.

Under Nevada law, assault takes place in two circumstances. One is if a person unlawfully tries to use physical force against a second person. The other is if a person intentionally puts a second person in reasonable fear that they will suffer immediate physical injury. Therefore, a person can commit the crime of assault even if they never even lay a finger on the other person.

Drunk driver in Nevada causes fatal six-vehicle car wreck

Some people in Nevada drink alcohol occasionally. Unfortunately, some people drink too much and become intoxicated. This presents a public danger when they get behind the wheel of a car. Drunk drivers are not in control of their physical or cognitive facilities, and can cause a car crash that injures or kills an innocent person.

According to a recent report, a Nevada woman lost her life in a crash caused by a driver who admitted to drinking alcohol prior to the fatal wreck. The driver stated she had two vodkas early in the morning, had used heroin in the two previous days and was also taking a drug to prevent heroin use. The driver then caused a six-vehicle crash. In the accident, the driver struck the rear-end of one vehicle, ran a red light and struck a second vehicle. This collision then impacted three other vehicles that were waiting at a red light. A 32-year-old woman received numerous blunt force injuries and passed away. Three other people involved in the wreck suffered non-fatal injuries.

Courts will consider numerous factors in child custody cases

Parents in Nevada naturally want to make sure their child is happy and healthy. They do not want to do anything to jeopardize this, but if they are divorcing, they may have very strong opinions about who should have child custody. In contested situations, divorcing parents will need to turn to the court to determine which parent, or both, should have custody of the child.

When making a decision on child custody, the court will make its decision based on the best interests of the child. There is no presumption that one parent should be given custody instead of the other parent due to that parent's religious preferences or gender. Instead, there are other factors that the court will consider when making child custody decisions.

Where to turn when applying for workers' compensation benefits

People in Nevada have a strong work ethic, and most go to work every day to support themselves and their families. However, sometimes a person's workplace can be dangerous, leading to on-the-job injuries or illnesses. Of course, some industries, such as the construction or manufacturing industries, have obvious dangers, such as the use of heavy machinery or hazardous chemicals. However, even seemingly safe office jobs can pose dangers. A person could trip over a tear in the carpet, strain their back reaching something on a tall shelf or develop a repetitive stress injury from typing at a computer all day.

When a person is injured or made ill on-the-job, they may need to seek medical treatment and they may not be able to return to their jobs right away. A person can quickly burn through their sick time and vacation time when this happens, and if their condition is severe enough, they could soon find themselves in a very precarious financial situation in which they are unable to return to their jobs to earn a living, but have no more sick time or vacation time to compensate them during their absence.

How can couples in Nevada benefit from mediating their divorce?

Sometimes, especially if they have children, couples in Nevada going through a divorce do not want the situation to turn into a big, ugly battle. They may be afraid that their only choice is to go through litigation and have a judge make decisions regarding their divorce legal issues. However, not every divorce has to be resolved through a courtroom showdown. Alternative dispute resolution processes, such as mediation, may be an option.

Through the mediation process, each party will meet with a neutral mediator familiar with family law, who will facilitate conversations between the parties so they can reach a resolution on their divorce issues. The mediator is not a decision-maker, unlike a judge, and does not provide either side with legal advice. This means it is up to the parties to ultimately reach an out-of-court settlement, if possible. Also, unlike litigation, mediation is a private process. It also gives the parties more of a say in the outcome of their divorce, which could lead to a more satisfactory resolution.

Can you benefit from a Nevada Specialty Court?

No one is born a criminal, and neither does committing a crime automatically make a person bad. So many factors are at play that lead to illegal behavior. For example, a history of childhood abuse, an addiction to painkillers after an injury or a mental illness can cause a good person to make a wrong choice. Yet, often the judicial system can be harsher than is fair on these types of offenders.

Nevada recognizes that such offenders will not benefit from prison time. The better solution is to address the underlying problem to help people escape or manage negative life circumstances and prevent further criminal activity. The state tries to achieve this goal through Specialty Courts.

Nevada drivers have a duty to stop at red lights and stop signs

Even children in Nevada understand that a stop sign or red traffic light means "stop." It is one of the most basic rules of the road. However, people run red lights or blow through intersections all the time. They may be distracted, in a hurry or driving aggressively. However, none of these situations absolves motorists of their duty of care when it comes to stop signs and red traffic lights.

When a motorist encounters a stop sign or red traffic light, they need to slow down and come to a complete stop. They should look both ways before making a left or right-hand turn at a green light or intersection. The should make sure to use their blinker whenever they are turning or changing lanes. Finally, motorists need to yield to the right-of-way of other motorists when appropriate.

Forklift operator in Nevada killed in worksite accident

It may seem like Nevada's construction industry is thriving these days. Apartment complexes, homes, retail establishments, offices and factories are just some of the structures being built all around the state. It can be lucrative work, but it can also be dangerous work, as one recent incident shows.

A construction worker recently lost his life while on the job at a construction site in Las Vegas. The workers at this site were erecting apartment buildings at the intersection of Sunset Road and Grand Canyon Drive. The victim was operating a forklift when the fatal incident occurred. According to a worker for another employer at the worksite, approximately 200 people would be working at the worksite on any given day. He stated he did not know whether any other accidents took place there. No further details on how the accident occurred were reported.

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