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Injuries result from drunk driving crashes

The roads of Reno and throughout Nevada can be dangerous for myriad reasons. One of the most common ways in which people can suffer injuries in a car crash is being involved in a crash with a drunk driver. Those who were impacted by such a crash need to remember that they must protect their interests and consider a legal filing for compensation.

A 20-year-old man died and a woman was critically injured when they were in a car accident with an alleged drunk driver. The driver of a Nissan was heading south when he hit a Jeep. The Jeep and the Nissan were subsequently hit by a Toyota. Following the accident, the driver of the Nissan fled, leaving his vehicle behind. The driver of the Tacoma was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash. The driver of the Jeep was hospitalized and is said to be in critical condition. The driver of the Nissan was found and arrested.

What if I want a workers' compensation hearing in Nevada?

Nevada workers who suffer an illness or are injured on the job will want to know whether they are protected by workers' compensation benefits. These benefits are essential to provide medical care and to help with lost wages while the worker is unable to get back on the job. A difficult scenario is when the worker seeks workers' compensation, but the request is denied. Understanding the hearing process and having legal assistance is critical.

After a worker is injured and they have received a denial, there are time limits in which to appeal. After the worker has written to the employer or the insurer and does not receive a response within 30 days, the worker can then appeal due to the failure to respond. They will then have 70 days from the date the determination was made or the date the worker mailed the request to ask for a hearing.

College basketball player charged with DUI

It is not unusual for college students in Reno and across Nevada to drink alcohol. While there is nothing overtly wrong with drinking if they are over 21, some will make the mistake of getting behind the wheel of a car. This can result in a traffic stop and an arrest for driving under the influence. Those facing DUI charges should be aware of the necessity of legal representation, as a conviction can hinder their driving privileges, their freedom and their standing in school. A law firm that handles DUI is crucial.

A college basketball player at the University of Nevada Reno was arrested for DUI. He is also alleged to have caused property damage ranging between $200 and $5,000.

Pedestrian injured by car in Reno

Pedestrians must be aware of the dangers they face when walking on the streets of Reno. This is true whether they are on the sidewalk or crossing the street. When a pedestrian is following the traffic laws, it is an understandable expectation that drivers will as well. However, drivers occasionally fail to adhere to the law and cause crashes. Because pedestrians are so vulnerable, they can be injured or even killed by a vehicle. After such an accident, it is crucial to think about what to do next.

A crash between a car and a woman left her with a broken leg. The woman was crossing the street in a crosswalk when she was hit. While the driver was not believed to have been under the influence of alcohol, a citation was given because they failed to yield to the pedestrian in the crosswalk. The investigation is continuing.

Elements of a ride-share auto accident

As the use of ride-share transportation increases, so do the chances for more people to get into auto accidents. This can leave passengers with important questions.

In some cases, it may be necessary to make a claim for the auto accident. Understanding the elements of a ride-share auto accident can assist in this process.

Legal help is critical when seeking workers' compensation

For workers in Reno and throughout Nevada, being injured on the job and unable to work is a nightmare scenario. With medical expenses, the lost income and other issues that will inevitably arise, people are understandably fearful that their lives will come undone just because they have suffered an injury, condition or illness due to their work. That is where workers' compensation benefits become immensely valuable. However, there are often questions about getting workers' compensation and how it will be handled if there is a sticking point or an outright denial of benefits. Having legal assistance with any matter related to workers' compensation is vital.

There are certain jobs that are viewed as especially dangerous. Construction work, law enforcement, security personnel and anyone who is in a physical job can face workplace injuries. However, workplace injuries and illnesses can come about in any type of work. Even people who are sedentary or work in a safe atmosphere can find themselves with a medical problem that keeps them from doing their jobs. All should think about workers' compensation benefits.

Tow truck-pedestrian crash leads to personal injury in Nevada

Crossing the street in Reno and the nearby areas should be one of the simpler activities in life. While there are traffic lights, crosswalks and laws dedicated to keeping people safe as they function as pedestrians that does not mean drivers will adhere to them. People can be hit by a motor vehicle and suffer personal injury at any time. This can lead to serious injuries and death. When there is this kind of crash, those who are affected must remember their rights to consider a legal filing to be compensated.

An accident between a pedestrian and a tow truck led to a woman being hospitalized. According to the investigation, the woman was crossing the street and was in the crosswalk at shortly after 4 p.m. The tow truck was heading west and turned to head south when the collision occurred. Emergency responders were called and she was hospitalized. Her injuries were said to be serious, but were not thought to be life-threatening. It is not believed that the driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, nor was speed an issue. The investigation is continuing.

Woman on scooter has personal injury after drunk driver hits her

There are constant dangers when out on the road in Reno in any capacity. However, pedestrians, bicyclists, people on scooters and motorcyclists face inherent risk when they are sharing the road with other people. Because they are so vulnerable, being in a crash can cause severe personal injury and even lead to death. This is made worse when there are people under the influence out on the road. After an accident, those who were hurt or lost a loved one need to make sure they understand the ramifications of the incident and protect themselves with a qualified legal professional.

An accident between a car and a scooter led to the woman on the scooter being injured. The accident occurred at approximately noon when law enforcement and emergency personnel were called to the scene of a crash. According to the investigation, the female driver of a vehicle was under the influence when she hit a 55-year-old woman who was riding a scooter. The woman on the scooter was taken to the hospital with injuries. They are not believed to be life-threatening. The driver of the vehicle was placed under arrest for DUI.

Can my Nevada workers' compensation claim be reopened?

Nevada workers' compensation cases are rarely the same. Understanding how the law handles a case is critical to getting the necessary benefits. One problem that frequently arises is if a person wants to reopen a workers' compensation claim. Knowing how to deal with such a circumstance and having legal help is a must. When a case was closed and the work injury or condition from an industrial disease has changed or gotten worse, the worker has the right to ask that the case be reopened so more benefits and treatment can be provided.

The worker must do the following to get treatment or vocational rehabilitation after a case has been closed: get a statement in writing from the doctor as to its necessity; and give a written request to the claims representative to reopen the case. The claims adjuster must receive a copy of the letter from the doctor. In the doctor's letter, it must say the following: that the worker's condition has changed or gotten worse after the claim was closed; the worker needs to be treated; the treatment is described; there is a link between the condition worsening when the request to reopen the case is made and the initial injury; the work injury is why there is a need for the claim to be reopened; and a specific time period that the person cannot work at the job at which he or she was injured or the one for which retraining was provided.

When children divorce their parents

Divorce between adults is commonplace in America. Media routinely report contentious divorce actions among high-profile people and inform the public of acrimonious child custody battles.

Media seldom feature news of children seeking to become emancipated, the legal term for a minor child "divorcing" his or her parents. Many people may not be familiar with emancipation law. They believe parents are strictly responsible for their minor children until they reach the age of majority: 18 years old in most states. The truth, though, is that minor children can seek to become legally independent before this age.

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