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Key facts about kids, car crashes and growth plate fractures

The CDC reported that more than 120,000 children were injured in car accidents in 2014. Even parents who seat their children properly, follow other precautions and drive carefully have to worry about the actions of other careless drivers.

Children involved in car accidents can suffer many different injuries, but one of the lesser known is growth plate fractures. Parents should seek immediate medical attention for their children if they notice symptoms of such fractures.

What Is A Growth Plate Fracture?

Children are not fully developed, so they have soft "growth plates" near the ends of their bones. These spots are the weakest points on the skeleton.

According to the Mayo Clinic, the impact of car accidents can cause growth plate fractures, even in conditions that would not cause fractures in adults. If improperly treated, growth plate fractures can lead to deformities and crooked or shorter limbs.

Symptoms To Watch For

Following an accident, children may complain of pain or tender areas in their fingers, forearms or lower legs, where most growth plate fractures occur. They may also experience swelling near their joints or be unable to move their limbs properly.

Always keep an eye on your child following an accident, as growth plate fractures that were previously unnoticed may present themselves as persistent pain in the following days. Most girls have fully formed bones by the age of 12; however, boys take longer to achieve a fully formed skeleton and are twice as likely to sustain fractures.

Treatment Options

Casts and splints are used to treat the least serious growth plate fractures, but children with more severe fractures may need surgery to ensure their bones are aligned properly. In some case, parents may have to take their children back to the doctor for years for additional X-rays to determine proper bone growth and alignment.

Seeking Legal Help For Your Child's Injuries

The cost of treatment can potentially be very high. Once you factor in the cost of lost work due to taking your child to appointments, the prospect of dealing with this situation becomes even more daunting.

If your child suffered a growth plate fracture and you need to recover money from the driver who was at fault, you should consult with an attorney with a successful record of recovering damages in personal injury cases. A personal injury claim may be the best way of ensuring that you have the money you need for your child's care.

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