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Facing divorce? Consider swinging a sledgehammer

Whether or not you initiated the divorce, you are almost certain to experience varying degrees of shock, grief and stress during the legal proceedings. However, it is critical that you not carry these negative emotions into negotiations for support, custody or distribution of marital assets.

Turbulent emotions and intense stress can make it very difficult to think rationally and make the right decisions in regard to your finances, your children or your future.

Instead of letting the negative emotions build, consider trying one of these four creative ways to relieve your stress during the divorce process:

1. Take A Martial Arts Fitness Class

According to Psychology Today, if you know that you tend to snack when feeling stressed, a martial arts fitness class accomplishes two things. It gives you a healthy outlet for your stress while also counteracting the extra snacking you're prone to do.

If you feel victimized by betrayal or cheating, martial arts fitness training can help you feel strong and reinforce the idea that you will be able to not only survive the divorce, but also go on to thrive.

2. Burn It All

Relieve anger, let go of stress and clean out your house at the same time by having a divorce bonfire with your friends. You know those anniversary gifts, birthday cards, love notes and even clothing that was left behind in the split? Watch it all turn to ash. Then you can start fresh.

3. Go Break Something

If you feel so mad about your marriage ending that you just want to smash everything in sight, there's a safe way to do that. According to Marketplace Morning Report, a new Houston business called Tantrums LLC lets you break everything from furniture and flat-screen TVs to glass bottles and knickknacks using baseball bats, sledgehammers and more.

At approximately $3 a minute, it's a pretty inexpensive way to deal with frustration. Plus, when you feel satisfied, you can leave and someone else will clean up the mess.

4. Have A Spa Retreat

When you're feeling blue, you need to take care of yourself. What better way to do that than to head to a spa for the weekend? Nibble on healthy foods, pamper your body with steam and sauna therapy, massages and facials, and enjoy the opportunity to be away from your troubles in a soothing environment.

A little time away can help you get the necessary distance from your divorce proceedings to see the issues clearly and detach from the cycle of shame and blame that often accompanies a split.

You can also come up with your own ideas for coping with stress in a healthy way. From gardening to mountain-climbing, there are endless ways to get emotions out. Whatever reduces your tension and helps you move through the grief process faster can potentially be a useful tool.

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