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Surviving divorce on an emotional level

As you jump through the hoops and work through ending your marriage, you will deal with matters of child support, alimony, custody and equitable distribution. While these are all important problems to address, you should also be concerned with how you, your children and your ex emotionally survive your divorce. Once the decision has been made, use the following tips to help you get by.

Give in to the grief

Whether the divorce was a total surprise or something you have seen coming for years, you still need time to grieve your marriage and your family. Allow yourself and all others involved time to grieve for the family before moving on.

Invest your pain

What you are dealing with emotionally cannot be minimized, but it can be controlled if you use your negative emotions to help others and become a better person. Find friends who are going through similar things and work with them to become healthier, happier people.

Talk it through as often as possible

Human nature lets the feelings and doubts fester inside the brain until they become overwhelming and much worse than they are in real life. Do not be afraid to express your emotions or talk them through with a trusted friend or family member. The more you ignore them, the more likely they are to be damaging down the road.

Know the pain is only temporary

Pain may seem all-consuming and never-ending, but the truth is that most pain ends or at least dulls over time to the point that you can control it. Do not give up hope that things will one day be better.

Recognize the signs of real depression

Sadness, grief and anger are all common when going through a divorce but watch carefully for signs that your depression is long term rather than short term while the divorce is happening. Seek the appropriate help.

Rely on professionals

As you work through your emotions with the appropriate professionals, allow a legal professional to represent your future interests during your divorce. After making the decision to end the marriage, speak to an attorney immediately.

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