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4 summer driving hazards for Reno bikers

It is easy to tell that summer is almost here: the kids are anxious for school to end, you already have your travel plans and the temperatures are getting hotter. There is much fun to look forward to.

But summer also means more sources of motorcycle accidents. Make sure your summer is safe by being aware of these four summer driving hazards in Reno and the surrounding area.

1. Busy roads

With so many attractions, events and sunny days, it is no wonder that millions of people visit the region each year. The roads become busier due to the increase in tourists, who may not know the area well. Always wear protective gear and make yourself easily visible. Try to take less popular routes to avoid heavy traffic.

2. Drowsy and drunk drivers

Travelers mean more drowsy drivers, and summer partying means more drunk drivers. Stay off the roads at night to decrease your exposure to dangerous driving. Become familiar with the signs of impaired drivers, such as swerving, so you can stay clear of them and report them to law enforcement.

3. Teen drivers

With school out, there will be many more teens behind the wheel. Their inexperience and lack of mature judgement pose a danger to you. They also may be distracted with electronic devices and music.

4. Construction zones

There is usually an increase in construction projects this time of year. Construction zones may lead to the following hazards:

  • Unexpected changes in the speed limit
  • Road congestion due to fewer open lanes
  • Workers, equipment and debris on the road
  • Detours and delays
  • Increased road rage

You already have enough risks to worry about as a biker. Summer does not have to bring more if you take the right precautionary measures and adhere to traffic laws. However, you have no control over other motorists, and they are bound to make mistakes. If you get into an accident and suffer an injury, call a Reno personal injury lawyer to help you pursue full financial compensation.

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