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How is paternity established in Nevada?

There are many different forms of a family in Nevada. When a woman has a baby, it is important that paternity is established for the baby. When a married couple has a baby, the baby's father is usually not in question. But in an unmarried situation, it can be a more complicated family law situation.

Establishing a baby's paternity is important for a few reasons. The child will know who their father is and can establish an important relationship with him. The father may then be required to provide child support. The child will become eligible for benefits, including social security, inheritance rights, insurance benefits, veteran's benefits, among others. Knowing the medical history for both of their parents is important for the child so that they are aware of any inherited health problems.

If the baby's mother is married at the time of the birth, her husband is considered to be the father. Exceptions to this include if there is a court order establishing another person as the father or the mother and a person that is not her husband have signed a Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity. If the parents are not married, paternity is established when both parents sign a Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity or a judge decides that a man is the legal father after a court hearing. If the father refuses to establish paternity, the mother may bring a paternity action where a hearing will be conducted.

If there are paternity issues a person is facing, speaking with an attorney may be a good option. An attorney can help their client with the dispute and make sure their client receives the help they need.

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