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August 2017 Archives

What are some common defenses to a DUI charge?

A person in Nevada who has been accused of drunk driving may think the situation is hopeless. They may think nothing can be done, and that they will suffer the harsh consequences of a conviction, including fines, the loss of their driver's license or even jail time. However, while this post cannot guarantee any particular result in a person's drunk driving case, in general there a number of defenses that a person accused of drunk driving may have at their disposal.

Top 3 causes of car accidents in Nevada

Car accidents are an inconvenience at best and fatal at worst. Over 300 Nevada residents are victims of collisions in the latter category each year, according to the Nevada Department of Public Safety Office of Traffic Safety. Reducing this number and eventually eliminating it relies on every driver to be aware of risk factors and practice safe driving techniques.

3 steps to take after a motorcycle accident

Even if you are the safest and most responsible motorcycle rider in the world, you may still get into an accident. Due to the lack of visibility and protection of your bike compared with other motor vehicles, you need to know what to do in the event of a collision. If a car or truck crashes into you, you might have to deal with severe injuries and damage to your ride. This is why you need to take certain steps at the scene of the accident, directly after the crash and for the following weeks or months. Here are some general guidelines you should follow:

Dealing with the emotional stress of divorce

The decision to divorce is usually not an easy one. It is also one that often comes with a lot of stress. When a couple in Nevada decides to marry, they usually do so with the intent that their union will last forever. Therefore, the decision to divorce -- even if divorce is in both party's best interests -- can be a painful one. Is there anything a person going through a divorce can do to make the process less painful and exhausting?

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