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September 2017 Archives

What are some common field sobriety tests?

Hearing a police siren and seeing the flashing red and blue lights in your rear-view mirror can make anyone in Washoe County nervous. This is especially true if the officer accuses you of drunk driving. When this is the case, the officer may ask that you perform a field sobriety test.

Can injured workers in Nevada ever sue their employer?

In general, employers in Nevada are required to have workers' compensation insurance. When a worker is injured at work, he or she can seek workers' compensation benefits. In exchange for these benefits, the worker then relinquishes his or her right to file a lawsuit against his or her employer for damages.

Nevada motorcyclist lucky to be alive after crash

Many people in Nevada drive an automobile, but there are some whose preferred mode of transportation is a motorcycle. Whether zipping to or from work, going on a short errand or taking a more leisurely ride through one of Nevada's many scenic routes, motorcyclists are a common sight on Nevada's streets and highways.

What are the steps in the adoption process in Nevada?

All children in Nevada deserve to have loving parents who provide them with safe and supportive homes in which to grow and thrive. Sometimes prospective parents in Nevada choose to adopt a child. Adoption is a wonderful way to grow a family, but there are steps that need to be taken to legally adopt a child.

Nevada offers several types of workers' compensation benefits

There are a wide variety of workers in Nevada. Some work in one of the state's many casinos, luxury hotels and restaurants. Others work in the construction or manufacturing industries. And, some work office jobs. However, what all these workers have in common is that it is possible they could be injured on the job. When this happens, they may want to seek workers' compensation benefits.

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