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Nevada offers several types of workers' compensation benefits

There are a wide variety of workers in Nevada. Some work in one of the state's many casinos, luxury hotels and restaurants. Others work in the construction or manufacturing industries. And, some work office jobs. However, what all these workers have in common is that it is possible they could be injured on the job. When this happens, they may want to seek workers' compensation benefits.

There are numerous types of workers' compensation benefits that a person in Nevada can pursue if they suffer a workplace injury. First, there are permanent total disability benefits. These are awarded to workers whose injury keeps them from being able to work on a permanent basis. In other cases, workers will qualify for temporary total disability. These benefits provide total compensation, but only to workers whose injury temporarily keeps them from being able to work.

Following that there are permanent partial disability benefits. These provide the worker with compensation for any permanent injuries they suffer and for loss of wages, even if the worker eventually goes back to his or her job. Also, there are temporary partial disability benefits. These provide workers with compensation while they recover from the injury they suffered, but are able to do a different kind of job albeit for less pay.

In addition, there are accident benefits. These cover the costs of medical care, medications, medical supplies and medical equipment. Rehabilitation benefits may be awarded to workers if that worker has some sort of permanent restriction on their ability to perform their job, and prior to being injured the employer would not be able to provide accommodations for those restrictions. Finally, if a worker is killed on the job, there are death benefits. Up to $10,000 in burial costs will be paid to the worker's spouse and children.

As this shows, there are a variety of benefits covered by workers' compensation. Injured workers who believe they qualify for one or more of these benefits may want to ensure they seek the advice needed to understand how best to proceed.

Source: Findlaw, "Nevada Workers' Compensation Laws," accessed on Aug. 26, 2017

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