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December 2017 Archives

When may firefighters be eligible for workers' compensation?

Cancer is one of the most serious diseases a person could get. Not only can cancer take a major toll on one's health or even be fatal, but it has a significant recovery period and even the treatments can make a person severely sick. It goes without saying that a person with cancer will be out of work for a long time, if not forever.

Parents in Nevada have rights if wrongfully denied visitation

When parents in Nevada divorce, unfortunately they do not always walk away from the split on amicable terms. Sometimes they part with resentment, anger and a feeling like the end result is not fair. This may especially be true when it comes to child custody. The goal of any child custody arrangements should, to the extent that is appropriate, allow each parent to spend enough time with the child so they can maintain a meaningful relationship with the child. However, sometimes the custodial parent will deny the noncustodial parent the noncustodial parent's lawful parenting time. When that happens, the noncustodial parent has rights.

Motorcyclist dies in accident on Las Vegas Strip in Nevada

The days may be getting shorter and the weather cooler, but this does not stop some people in Nevada from riding their motorcycles. Riding a motorcycle can be a quick, efficient and less costly way to get from point A to point B, and for many bikers it is just plain fun. However, motorcyclists are especially vulnerable if involved in an accident, as one recent fatal crash shows.

Will a license suspension follow one across states if they move?

A person could have their driver's license revoked for a number of reasons. Drunk driving, a hit-and-run or assault are all reasons why a person might lose their license. Losing one's license to drive in Nevada can make everyday life difficult. People do not always have access to reliable public transportation so when they lose their driver's license they may find it difficult to go to work, run necessary errands or simply have the ability to visit friends, go out to eat or do something else for social or entertainment purposes.

When can a person pursue workers' compensation in Nevada?

Sometimes, through no fault of their own, a worker in Nevada could suffer an injury or illness due to their job. Of course, no one in Nevada goes to work in the morning expecting to get hurt, but accidents do happen. Fortunately, workers who must take time off of work to recover from a workplace injury or illness may pursue workers' compensation benefits.

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