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Recovering from a traumatic brain injury

A serious traumatic brain injury is a cause for concern. This type of head trauma requires immediate medical attention. Urgent medical care for a TBI is necessary to ensure the patient has an adequate supply of blood and oxygen and that no further damage is done to the brain or neck. 

If you experience a severe head injury, you may have concerns about your recovery. Here are some treatment options your doctor may give to you after you suffer from a TBI. 


You may need to take certain drugs to reduce the effects of your brain injury. Your doctor may consider prescribing you the following medications:

  • Anti-convulsants: These reduce seizures.
  • Muscle relaxants: This type of medication reduces muscle spasms.
  • Stimulants: If you need help staying alert, your doctor may prescribe a stimulant.
  • Anti-depressants: If you experience depression because of your injury, your doctor may start you on anti-depressants to help you cope.

Your doctor will carefully select any medications based on your individual injury.


If you have a serious brain injury, you will probably need to partake in some type of rehabilitation. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, you may need rehabilitation after a TBI to relearn basic tasks. You may see a variety of specialists in the hospital, residential treatment facility, inpatient unit or via outpatient services. Potential specialists include:

  • Physical therapist: This health care provider may help you with relearning how to walk, balance and become more mobile.
  • Speech pathologist: You may need assistance improving your communication skills after you experience brain damage.
  • Vocational counselor: If you need help going back to work, this specialist may help you overcome challenges.
  • Neuropsychologist: This professional assesses your cognitive performance and teaches you how to cope and manage your behavior.

The rehabilitation you receive depends on the seriousness of your injury and what part of your brain is damaged.

With the right treatment, you may be able to recover and go on to live a fulfilling life.

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