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February 2018 Archives

Getting answers following a car accident

Drivers in Nevada can take every safety precaution possible, but they cannot control the actions of other drivers. This means that many people across the state will be involved in a car accident sooner or later. The following are some tips on how a person should proceed following a car crash, particularly if they want to pursue a personal injury lawsuit.

Alcohol treatment program may be an option under Nevada law

Under Nevada law, it may be possible for someone who is convicted of drunk driving to undergo an alcohol treatment program as part of a suspended sentence. If a person is found guilty of drunk driving, but their blood alcohol content level was under 0.18 percent, prior to sentencing they can apply to the court to enter into an alcohol treatment program for a minimum of six months. The court will allow this if certain elements are met.

What rights does one have if they have separated before divorce?

Some couples in Nevada in a troubled marriage may decide to undergo a separation period before deciding whether or not to divorce. For example, they may simply need some space and time to evaluate their marriage to determine if it can be saved before throwing in the towel. That being said, it is important for couples who have separated to understand how the separation will affect their rights.

States are not doing enough to prevent car accidents, group says

Residents of Washoe County may be disturbed to hear that vehicle related deaths are the second most common cause of accidental fatalities in the United States, with drug overdoses being the first most common cause of accident fatalities. In fact, according to one report, over 37,000 individuals in the United States lost their lives in a car accident in 2016. This is a 5.6 percent uptick from 2015,and also marks the second consecutive year that car accident deaths have risen. Previously, fatal car accidents had been on the decline.

When may semi-truck drivers face drunk driving charges?

Semi-trucks are an important part of commerce in Nevada and across the nation. Whether they are delivering oranges from Florida, apples from Washington or any other sort of goods manufactured in the United States, because of semi-trucks, companies are able to get their products to store shelves nationwide.

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