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What are some common workplace injury accidents?

People in Washoe County understand the value of a hard day's work, but workplace injuries do occur. The following are the top 10 preventable workplace injuries reported to insurance companies nationwide.

Number 10 on the list is on-the-job violent acts. These attacks may come out of personal arguments or office politics. Number 9 on the list is repetitive motion injuries. These can develop through typing and excessive computer use. Muscles and tendons can be strained, resulting in issues with one's vision, back pain and cumulative trauma disorder.

Number 8 on the list is machine entanglement. This type of injury usually takes place in factories where workers come into contact with heavy equipment. Parts of the worker's clothes, hair or fingers could be caught in the machines, causing injury. Number 7 on the list is motor vehicle accidents. Many people have to drive as part of their jobs. If they're involved in a motor vehicle accident, they could be seriously injured or even killed.

Number 6 on the list is "walking into" injuries. These injuries take place when a person accidentally bumps into a static object, such as a wall, door, window, cabinet or furniture. Number 5 on the list is falling object injuries. Tools could be dropped from heights at construction sites or objects could fall from a shelf at an office or warehouse. A falling object injury often injures a person's head.

Number 4 on the list is reaction injuries. These involve slip-and-fall injuries or tripping that take place even though a person doesn't actually fall down. These injuries could harm a person's muscles and cause body trauma. Number 3 on the list is falling from heights. These include falls from roofs and ladders, but even falling down the stairs could cause an injury.

Number 2 on the list is slipping and tripping, and -- unlike number 4 on the list -- actually falling down. These injuries could harm a person's muscles or cause body trauma. Finally, number 1 on the list is overexertion injuries. These happen when a worker tries too hard to pull, lift, push, hold, carry or throw an object.

As this shows, injuries can occur in just about any type of workplace. While some workplaces, like construction sites, present obvious dangers, even white-collar workers in a standard office building could be injured at work. When that happens, they may want to look into pursuing workers' compensation benefits.

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