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April 2018 Archives

Courts will consider numerous factors in child custody cases

Parents in Nevada naturally want to make sure their child is happy and healthy. They do not want to do anything to jeopardize this, but if they are divorcing, they may have very strong opinions about who should have child custody. In contested situations, divorcing parents will need to turn to the court to determine which parent, or both, should have custody of the child.

Where to turn when applying for workers' compensation benefits

People in Nevada have a strong work ethic, and most go to work every day to support themselves and their families. However, sometimes a person's workplace can be dangerous, leading to on-the-job injuries or illnesses. Of course, some industries, such as the construction or manufacturing industries, have obvious dangers, such as the use of heavy machinery or hazardous chemicals. However, even seemingly safe office jobs can pose dangers. A person could trip over a tear in the carpet, strain their back reaching something on a tall shelf or develop a repetitive stress injury from typing at a computer all day.

How can couples in Nevada benefit from mediating their divorce?

Sometimes, especially if they have children, couples in Nevada going through a divorce do not want the situation to turn into a big, ugly battle. They may be afraid that their only choice is to go through litigation and have a judge make decisions regarding their divorce legal issues. However, not every divorce has to be resolved through a courtroom showdown. Alternative dispute resolution processes, such as mediation, may be an option.

Can you benefit from a Nevada Specialty Court?

No one is born a criminal, and neither does committing a crime automatically make a person bad. So many factors are at play that lead to illegal behavior. For example, a history of childhood abuse, an addiction to painkillers after an injury or a mental illness can cause a good person to make a wrong choice. Yet, often the judicial system can be harsher than is fair on these types of offenders.

Nevada drivers have a duty to stop at red lights and stop signs

Even children in Nevada understand that a stop sign or red traffic light means "stop." It is one of the most basic rules of the road. However, people run red lights or blow through intersections all the time. They may be distracted, in a hurry or driving aggressively. However, none of these situations absolves motorists of their duty of care when it comes to stop signs and red traffic lights.

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