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How can couples in Nevada benefit from mediating their divorce?

Sometimes, especially if they have children, couples in Nevada going through a divorce do not want the situation to turn into a big, ugly battle. They may be afraid that their only choice is to go through litigation and have a judge make decisions regarding their divorce legal issues. However, not every divorce has to be resolved through a courtroom showdown. Alternative dispute resolution processes, such as mediation, may be an option.

Through the mediation process, each party will meet with a neutral mediator familiar with family law, who will facilitate conversations between the parties so they can reach a resolution on their divorce issues. The mediator is not a decision-maker, unlike a judge, and does not provide either side with legal advice. This means it is up to the parties to ultimately reach an out-of-court settlement, if possible. Also, unlike litigation, mediation is a private process. It also gives the parties more of a say in the outcome of their divorce, which could lead to a more satisfactory resolution.

There are a number of issues that can be resolved through mediation. For example, the parties could make decisions regarding property division through mediation. Mediation can also address child custody and visitation. Spousal maintenance may be another issue the parties can resolve through mediation.

Some parties may find that mediation saves them time, money and emotional stress. What they may want to keep in mind, however, is that even if they mediate their divorce, each party can still retain an attorney. In order to reach a fair result, each party needs to understand how Nevada divorce laws apply to the facts of their case. Neither party wants to be taken advantage of, so it is important that they make informed decisions during the mediation process. Also, there may be instances in which mediation may not be appropriate, such as situations involving domestic violence. In the end, however, mediation may be an attractive and effective way for couples to settle their divorce out-of-court.

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