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Nevada drivers have a duty to stop at red lights and stop signs

Even children in Nevada understand that a stop sign or red traffic light means "stop." It is one of the most basic rules of the road. However, people run red lights or blow through intersections all the time. They may be distracted, in a hurry or driving aggressively. However, none of these situations absolves motorists of their duty of care when it comes to stop signs and red traffic lights.

When a motorist encounters a stop sign or red traffic light, they need to slow down and come to a complete stop. They should look both ways before making a left or right-hand turn at a green light or intersection. The should make sure to use their blinker whenever they are turning or changing lanes. Finally, motorists need to yield to the right-of-way of other motorists when appropriate.

Unfortunately, while many of the above points seem like the basics one learns when they are taking their first driver's education course as a teenager, people fail to follow these rules all the time. When a motorist fails to follow simple traffic laws and causes an accident that injures or kills another individual, that motorist may be held liable. This is because motorists are tasked with operating their vehicles in a manner that is reasonable under the circumstances, and this includes following traffic rules. If a motorist fails to uphold this duty of care and causes an accident that leads to damages, depending on the circumstances, that motorist may be considered negligent, leading to a personal injury lawsuit.

It may seem like common sense to stop at stop signs and red lights, but accidents occur all the time because motorists ignore these signals. These laws are in place for the safety of all motorists on Nevada roads, so when they are not followed and lead to fatal accidents, the at-fault driver may be held liable.

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