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Where to turn when applying for workers' compensation benefits

People in Nevada have a strong work ethic, and most go to work every day to support themselves and their families. However, sometimes a person's workplace can be dangerous, leading to on-the-job injuries or illnesses. Of course, some industries, such as the construction or manufacturing industries, have obvious dangers, such as the use of heavy machinery or hazardous chemicals. However, even seemingly safe office jobs can pose dangers. A person could trip over a tear in the carpet, strain their back reaching something on a tall shelf or develop a repetitive stress injury from typing at a computer all day.

When a person is injured or made ill on-the-job, they may need to seek medical treatment and they may not be able to return to their jobs right away. A person can quickly burn through their sick time and vacation time when this happens, and if their condition is severe enough, they could soon find themselves in a very precarious financial situation in which they are unable to return to their jobs to earn a living, but have no more sick time or vacation time to compensate them during their absence.

This is why seeking workers' compensation benefits is so important. When a person is injured or made ill due to their job duties, they should not be forced to bear the costs of medical treatment alone, and they should be compensated for the time they must miss work without having to burn through their personal sick time and vacation time first. However, approaching the workers' compensation system can be intimidating. One wrong move could mean a denial of benefits, necessitating an appeal that only lengthens the amount of time a person is not being compensated for the medical expenses and lost wages they incurred due to their injury or illness.

Fortunately, help is available in such situations. Workers can consult attorneys to assist in the workers' compensation application process. At our firm, we assist clients in filing claims, exploring other avenues of compensation, appealing denied claims and advocating for our clients when it comes to disputes with employers or insurance companies. To learn more about this topic, feel free to visit our workers' compensation overview.

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