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May 2018 Archives

What to do when a truck accident causes catastrophic injuries

Semi-trucks are an ever-present sight on Nevada's highways. They make it possible for businesses to transport goods not just across the state, but across the nation as well. However, driving these vehicles takes skill. Drivers need to go through training and obtain a special license in order to operate a semi-truck.

Can grandparents seek visitation with the child after a divorce?

Grandparents in Nevada can play an integral role in a child's life. While on a practical matter they may babysit their grandchild, or pick their grandchild up from school, on a more emotional level they can pass on their years of wisdom and provide their grandchild with unconditional love. Children can benefit from having many loving adults in their lives, including grandparents.

Workers in Nevada can appeal a denied workers' comp claim

When a person in Nevada is injured or made ill on the job, their primary focus may be on simply regaining their health. Unfortunately, some illnesses or injuries could prevent a person from working for weeks or even months. This is why the workers' compensation system is so important. It provides injured or ill workers with the financial resources they need while they're recovering. A worker should not need to worry about medical bills or lost wages at such times; they should be able to simply do what is necessary to get better.

Why must I report minor work injuries?

You are probably aware by now that accidents are a common occurrence at worksites everywhere. In an unfortunate turn of events, you find yourself contemplating if you really need to report a workplace accident in Reno that left you with very minor injuries. At the time of the accident, you did not experience much discomfort. However, how do you know if the little bit of trauma you suffered is enough to warrant filing an accident and injury report with your employer? 

How does assault differ from battery in Nevada?

People in Nevada will sometimes get into arguments with others. These arguments can be domestic in nature or they can be between two strangers. These arguments can often be resolved peacefully, but sometimes the situation becomes very heated and one of the parties involved will be accused of committing assault or battery. There are significant distinctions between these two crimes; they are not the same thing. Nevada statutes define these two crimes and address the penalties a person will face if convicted of assault or battery.

Drunk driver in Nevada causes fatal six-vehicle car wreck

Some people in Nevada drink alcohol occasionally. Unfortunately, some people drink too much and become intoxicated. This presents a public danger when they get behind the wheel of a car. Drunk drivers are not in control of their physical or cognitive facilities, and can cause a car crash that injures or kills an innocent person.

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