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Drunk driver in Nevada causes fatal six-vehicle car wreck

Some people in Nevada drink alcohol occasionally. Unfortunately, some people drink too much and become intoxicated. This presents a public danger when they get behind the wheel of a car. Drunk drivers are not in control of their physical or cognitive facilities, and can cause a car crash that injures or kills an innocent person.

According to a recent report, a Nevada woman lost her life in a crash caused by a driver who admitted to drinking alcohol prior to the fatal wreck. The driver stated she had two vodkas early in the morning, had used heroin in the two previous days and was also taking a drug to prevent heroin use. The driver then caused a six-vehicle crash. In the accident, the driver struck the rear-end of one vehicle, ran a red light and struck a second vehicle. This collision then impacted three other vehicles that were waiting at a red light. A 32-year-old woman received numerous blunt force injuries and passed away. Three other people involved in the wreck suffered non-fatal injuries.

Drunk driving accidents have the potential to be catastrophic. Victims of drunk driving accidents, if they are lucky enough to survive, could still incur significant medical expenses. If they are injured, they may be unable to work. And, some injuries can last a lifetime, causing the victim to experience ongoing pain and suffering. While a drunk driver might be charged criminally, this does not help victims who now must deal with the financial aftermath of a drunk driving accident.

Therefore, some people who are the victims of drunk driving accidents choose to pursue a personal injury lawsuit. Of course, such legal actions can become very complicated, very quickly. Cases can hinge on whether evidence is admitted or not, on witness accounts and whether they are reliable and other factors. Those who are pursuing a lawsuit after a drunk driving accident will want to make sure they understand the legal arguments available to them so that they can present a strong case.

Source:, "Driver admits to drinking, drugs before fatal 6-car crash on Las Vegas Boulevard," April 19, 2018

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