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Why must I report minor work injuries?

You are probably aware by now that accidents are a common occurrence at worksites everywhere. In an unfortunate turn of events, you find yourself contemplating if you really need to report a workplace accident in Reno that left you with very minor injuries. At the time of the accident, you did not experience much discomfort. However, how do you know if the little bit of trauma you suffered is enough to warrant filing an accident and injury report with your employer? 

It is good practice and highly advisable for you to report all injuries, even if you do not continue to feel pain and discomfort for several minutes, days or weeks afterward. Some mild injuries can become severe and further aggravated. Here is some information to help you better understand the importance of reporting workplace injuries.

You are not a medical expert 

You should always see a medical doctor after being in a workplace accident. Not all injuries cause immediate pain and symptoms. Some wounds cause symptoms in areas of the body that are nowhere near the original site of trauma. A physician can review your medical history and perform the necessary tests to determine if there is indeed trauma, establish its type, and provide the proper treatment and recovery recommendations. Though you know your body better than anyone, a doctor is more knowledgeable and has the expertise and equipment to evaluate it for injuries. 

You could miss out on workers’ compensation benefits 

One of the most important rules of workers’ compensation claims is for potential claimants to report their injuries in a timely manner. Failure to make an injury report within that time gives your employer more time to think of reasons to deny your claim. 

Many first-time benefits claims end up denied, some of them because of employer disputes. If you ever trip, fall, or end up in any kind of accident at work, do not forget to inform your employer in writing, file a written report and get witness statements from all coworkers who were around when it occurred

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