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August is an especially dangerous month for car crashes

Summer is drawing to a close in Nevada, but that doesn't mean the roads are becoming safer. Motorists still must deal with changes in traffic patterns, the unexpected behaviors of other drivers, construction zones and more. In fact, according to two sources, August is an especially dangerous driving month in the United States.

Last August may have been the worst month in terms of motor vehicle accidents over the past four years. In August 2016, almost 61,000 collisions were reported to Nationwide Insurance. Nationwide stated that hard braking, sudden acceleration and time spent in congested traffic were the main factors that contributed to these accidents.

Moreover, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that from 2012 to 2016, almost 16,000 individuals lost their lives in accidents in August, making it the deadliest month for motorists. Specifically, from 2012 to 2016, August 2 saw the most fatal accidents than any other date of the year.

The IIHS did not report a reason why from 2012 to 2016 August 2 had the highest rate of deadly crashes. However, many of the same factors that Nationwide reported may have contributed to these collisions. If a driver has to make a sudden stop, they can be rear-ended. If they must suddenly press on the gas pedal, they run the risk of striking another car. And, when traffic is congested there are more people on the road driving in conditions that are not optimal. This could lead to further car wrecks, especially if a driver experiences "road rage" due to the frustration that can come with driving in heavy traffic.

When accidents occur at any point during the year, it is possible that those involved in them could experience significant damages. A serious car crash can cause injuries or even fatalities. This could mean extensive medical expenses, lost income while one cannot work or when the main income-earner in the family dies, pain and suffering, and more. Therefore, car accident victims, or their family if the car accident victim dies, will want to explore what options they have for pursuing compensation.

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