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Returning to work after being injured on the job in Nevada

Being injured on the job can be a stressful experience. People in Nevada who find themselves in just such a situation may be concerned about regaining their health. Will they recover from their injury or will their injury be permanent?

In addition to that worry is how the worker will be able to pay his or her bills and living expenses while he or she is recovering from his or her injury and cannot return to work. Fortunately, Nevada law provides workers' compensation benefits to qualifying workers to help reduce this financial stress.

While these benefits are often necessary to make ends meet, many injured workers eventually want to return to the workplace. Many people identify with their chosen profession and take pride in providing for their family. Once an employee is ready to go back to work after suffering an on-the-job injury, he or she has rights as to his or her job placement. Under Nevada Revised Statutes §616C.530, the insurer is responsible for the following priorities when it comes to returning an injured worker to employment.

The first priority is to bring the injured worker back to his or her former job. The second priority is to bring the injured worker back to his or her former place of employment with accommodations for any limitations the worker has due to his or her injury. The third priority is to bring the injured worker to a different place of employment that makes use of the injured worker's skills. The fourth priority is to provide the worker with training while the worker is working in a different profession. Finally, the fifth priority is to provide formal training or schooling for the worker in a different profession.

It is important to uphold workers' rights when it comes to returning to work after being on workers' compensation. Most workers will want to return to their previous profession and place of employment if possible. If this is not possible, there are other options that will allow the worker to work in a suitable position that he or she is satisfied with.

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