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Workplace hazards for janitors and custodians

As a custodial worker, you know you face risks every day. While some moments of your job may seem mundane, there are some real dangers that may cause you injury. Whether you work in an office building, school or any other facility, you may experience an accident on the job.

Your employer should utilize risk management strategies to reduce your risk of injuries and promote your health. Here are some janitorial hazards that may cause you to seek compensation for your workplace injury.


You use and are exposed to numerous chemicals on a regular basis. Floor strippers and cleaning solutions contain hazardous materials that may irritate your eyes, throat, nose and lungs. Make sure you wear gloves and safety goggles and mix chemicals in areas with proper ventilation.

Poor ergonomics

Your job requires you to perform various repetitive and strenuous tasks, such as lifting, bending, pushing, pulling and reaching. This may cause you to suffer musculoskeletal injuries such as back injuries, sprains and strains. Your boss should provide proper training and allow you to take the necessary breaks to prevent ergonomic injuries.

Slip, trip and fall

You may encounter hazards that may cause you to slip, trip or fall while cleaning. Wet floors, inadequate walking mats, cluttered workspaces and stairs may cause you to sustain an injury as a janitor. You may also work at heights to clean certain areas. If you fall from a high place, the injuries you sustain may be serious.

Electrical shock

As a janitorial employee, you often use electrical equipment such as the following:

  • Power tools
  • Floor buffers
  • Vacuum cleaners

The use of this equipment increases your risk of electric shock, especially near moisture.

It is crucial for you to be aware of workplace hazards. If you see something that is potentially dangerous in your workplace, make sure you report it immediately. If you suffer an injury, report it promptly.

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