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Man arrested for DUI and grand larceny needs criminal defense

Any allegations of a criminal act in Reno and throughout Nevada should be taken seriously. People who are facing charges of any crime should be cognizant of the penalties they will face, if there is a conviction. In some cases, the person has a history of violent behavior and will need a different level of defense than someone who might have made a mistake on a whim. Of course, no one is above the law and regardless of the reason for an arrest, there can be hefty consequences including fines, jail time and more. A legal professional who is experienced with all aspects of criminal defense is crucial to crafting a strong defense against all charges, violent and not.

A man, 23, was arrested for several charges including driving under the influence and grand larceny after he allegedly stole a fire truck and drove away. The incident occurred in the evening at around 8:30 p.m. The fire truck was stopped at a bus station as the emergency responders were called to help a person who was believed to be having a stroke. The suspect entered the unlocked vehicle and drove away. Law enforcement saw the fire truck and chased it onto the interstate. A police car crashed into it to get it to stop. The man then tried to get away on foot before he was caught and arrested. There were no injuries. He is facing charges of grand larceny, DUI and more.

The circumstances of criminal allegations are critical to the case. For example, if a person was in the middle of a planned crime or was committing violent acts, it will require a different kind of defense than a case in which it appears to have been a crime of opportunity or even an ill-considered prank gone wrong. Many factors be considered as to how a case will be handled. Driving under the influence is treated very seriously in Nevada, as is grand larceny. However, when no one was injured and the case might have been sparked by a person making a mistake, there could be an opening to get a plea bargain or receive treatment rather than the harshest possible punishment.

In this case, a man is accused of entering an unlocked fire department vehicle and driving off. He was also said to have been under the influence. Although the charges are serious, he still needs to make certain he has a qualified attorney to provide criminal defense and explain his alleged actions. Calling a law firm that has extensive experience in helping people who have been charged with crimes in Reno is the first step toward crafting that defense.

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