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Elements of a ride-share auto accident

As the use of ride-share transportation increases, so do the chances for more people to get into auto accidents. This can leave passengers with important questions.

In some cases, it may be necessary to make a claim for the auto accident. Understanding the elements of a ride-share auto accident can assist in this process.

Stages of the ride

There are three different stages of a ride, including:

  1. No ride-sharing activity
  2. Driver active, but waiting for a request
  3. Accepted rider request

Thankfully, the stages are clear, and they are important to note, because they play a distinct role in determining certain elements of the ride-share auto accident.


The stages of the ride determine who bears responsibility for covering an accident. While the driver's insurance is responsible in each stage, it changes with the different levels. In the first stage, the driver's insurance is fully responsible. In the second stage, the driver's insurance shares the responsibility with the rideshare company's coverage, though the driver's policy offers primary coverage. On the other hand, in the third stage, the driver's insurance and the ride-share company's insurance switch, making the ride-share company's coverage primary.


Along with the stages of the ride, determining negligence is also critical. This is particularly important when considering comparative negligence. In the case of comparative negligence, the court determines the degree of the accused party's responsibility for the accident and awards the settlement amount accordingly. Though this is primarily a concern for the driver, this can also be of importance to the rider, especially in cases of serious injury. In fact, in cases where the court finds the accused party largely guilty of negligence, it may increase the amount of the settlement.

These facts provide an outline of the ride-share accident elements. Take some time to review the law in full, along with the insurance provisions, to determine your best course of action. 

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