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A specialty court program may benefit your DUI case

DUI charges are quite serious and can come with severe consequences. However, the courts realize that just putting parties in jail does not address the underlying issue.

For this reason, specialty courts exist to provide an alternative means of dealing with offenders. If you face a DUI charge, a specialty court option may be available and quite beneficial.

Specialty court

Specialty courts are also known as "alternative court programs" and "problem-solving programs." In short, specialty court programs are available in cases where offenders would benefit more from a rehabilitative program rather than incarceration. Though these programs may still incorporate some jail time, additional measures exist to help parties wean themselves off the illegal substances influencing them, while also providing them the tools and opportunities to become productive members of society. Many states, including Nevada, record success amongst program participants.

Moderate offenders program

For those facing their first or second misdemeanor offense, a moderate offenders program may be available. The program may last anywhere from six months to three years, though on average, it lasts about one year. During the program, participants must meet several requirements, as determined by the court, prosecution and defendant representative. The participant will have to check in with the judge, attend counseling sessions and submit to random alcohol tests, along with the other requirements.

Serious offender felony DUI court program

Individuals who commit felony offenses may quality for the serious offender felony DUI court program. This program is quite similar to the moderate offenders program, but tailors to those with greater offenses. As such, the requirements may be more strenuous and take longer to complete. Participants must pay all program fees as well, and purchase any required devices, such as an interlock device for their vehicles.

The first step in determining if either specialty court program works for you is determining if you qualify for the program. It may also be beneficial to review the DUI laws to gain a full grasp of what you may be up against.

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