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When facing domestic violence charges, criminal defense is vital

In Reno, throughout Nevada and across the nation, there are a seemingly endless number of news stories about people being arrested and charged with domestic violence. While they should always be taken seriously when a person claims that a spouse, a loved one or any other person with whom they are involved has committed domestic violence, an arrest can have far-reaching consequences in many ways. Regardless of the circumstances, it is essential to have legal assistance to craft a criminal defense.

When a person is arrested for domestic violence, there will undoubtedly be concern and fear as to what the future holds. It is likely that they will not be allowed to return to their residence and will need to deal with issues at home, work and with other family members. It is possible that both sides are at fault and a dispute escalated to the point where it got physical, law enforcement was called, and, before anyone knew what happened, there was an arrest. In some cases, the alleged victim does not want to press charges, but the arrest is made anyway.

There are multiple considerations that a person charged with domestic violence should consider. Jail can be problematic in a personal and professional way. The stigma of accusations of domestic violence can have a dramatic influence on the person's relationships. It can cost them jobs, the ability to attend school and more. If the individual is a licensed gun owner, that can end with a domestic violence conviction. When children are involved, seeing them could be negatively impacted by a charge of domestic violence.

Just because a person was accused of domestic violence does not automatically imply guilt. Even if there was an incident, therapy or alternative sentencing could be used to avoid the worst-case scenario of a conviction and jail time. Calling an experienced and sympathetic law firm can be of utmost importance when formulating a criminal defense after domestic violence and those accused should not hesitate to get legal help.

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