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In family law, what will be considered with child relocation?

Reno residents whose marriage has ended will have many issues to consider. Children come right to the top of their list of concerns. A common matter in dispute is if the custodial parent decides to relocate with the child. This can impact visitation rights for the noncustodial parent and be worrisome regarding the child's relationship with that parent. A noncustodial parent can try to prevent the relocation if there is justification for doing so. To protect the rights of the noncustodial parent and ensure the best interests of the child are adhered to, the court will weigh certain factors before allowing a relocation. Understanding these factors is imperative for the custodial and noncustodial parent.

The relocating parent is required to demonstrate certain points to the court so the relocation will be approved. There must be a legitimate reason for the move and it must be done in good faith. The move cannot be done just to stop the noncustodial parent's parenting time. The child's best interests must be served if the relocation is approved. Both the child and the relocating parent must be deriving benefit with an advantage if they relocate.

Once these aspects are shown, the court will consider other factors and how it affects the child and the parents. That will include how the relocation will make the lives of the child and the relocating parent better; if there are honorable motives behind the move and it is not to prevent visitation between the noncustodial parent and the child; if the parent who is relocating will agree and adhere to changed visitation orders after the court allows the relocation; if the non-relocating parent will be able to keep up a visitation schedule to maintain a relationship with the child; and other issues that the court deems important.

Family law and disputes within can be complex and difficult. With children and the possibility of a relocation, it will be an emotional time and both parents as well as the child can be impacted in myriad ways because of it.

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