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Man needs criminal defense after attempted theft and hit and run

For Reno residents who are accused of criminal offenses, there are often situations where one alleged offense leads to a series of others. While being arrested is never easy and can cause problems in a person's life, it is vital to think about the future and have a strong criminal defense. This is especially true when there are multiple charges lodged and, when they are combined, can lead to extensive jail time and other severe consequences.

A 35-year-old man was arrested on multiple offenses after an alleged attempt at theft, driving his vehicle into several other cars and fleeing. The incident occurred in the early morning hours when the owner of a trailer was informed by a neighbor that someone was trying to take the trailer parked outside his home. The man pursued the accused and the accused rammed his vehicle. It then hit nine other parked vehicles. Law enforcement located him and arrested him. He faces charges of grand theft auto, robbery and destruction of property.

Any crime can lead to various penalties including jail, fines and more. If there are multiple offenses, it will compound the situation. Not only can a person lose his or her freedom, a criminal conviction can hinder attempts to get a job or be admitted to a school. Regardless of the charges, however, it is always imperative to have a strong criminal defense. There might be extenuating circumstances. It could be viable to seek a plea bargain to reduce some of the charges. Or there could be an alternative to gain an acquittal on some of the accusations. Before simply accepting the situation and waiting to be convicted, considering all the avenues of a defense is key.

A man who was accused of trying to steal a trailer subsequently rammed into the vehicle of the owner and hit other parked vehicles. He then fled. After his arrest, he needs to make sure he is protected. Calling an experienced criminal defense law firm can put a plan to defend against the charges in place and move forward to seek a reasonable resolution.

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