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Quick tips for maximizing your workers' compensation benefits

Sustaining an injury at your job can be devastating, both financially and physically. Without workers' compensation benefits, you may have a difficult time keeping up with all the expenses, especially with a loss of income. This is why it is vital to do everything you can to file a successful claim.

If you make mistakes during the claims process, you may not receive the compensation you need. Here are a few simple tips for maximizing your workers' compensation benefits. 

File an injury report

The first step to take is promptly reporting the workplace accident to your employer. In Nevada, you must complete an incident report within seven days of the injury. If you do not submit this form to your employer within this timeframe, you may lose your chance to collect benefits. 

See a doctor right away

Do not wait to seek medical treatment. If your primary care physician cannot take you in soon enough, you may need to consider urgent care or the emergency room. Prompt medical care will lead to better recovery. Plus, it will serve as crucial evidence. Seeing a doctor promptly and receiving a diagnosis will show the insurance company that your injury is serious and real. 

Maintain detailed records

Filing a workers' compensation claim requires a lot of paperwork. Some documents you may need to handle include the following:

  • Notes or journal entries about the accident or injuries
  • Completed forms
  • Correspondence from the insurance company or your employer 
  • Work restriction slips
  • Medical records

Organize all of these documents so you can easily access them. Create copies of them. Having these documents at hand is necessary for getting your claim approved and paid.

Appeal a denied claim

There is a possibility that the insurance company may deny your claim. If this happens, you do not need to give up. You can appeal this decision and continue to pursue your benefits.

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