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May 2019 Archives

In family law, when is a premarital agreement unenforceable?

When they get married, many Nevadans will seek to protect themselves with a premarital agreement. There are many reasons people will do this and it does not necessarily mean that there is a suspicion of ill intent on the part of the other spouse. It could be because one spouse enters the relationship with significantly greater assets than the other spouse. There could be business interests at stake. Or both parties may want to protect themselves in case the marriage does not work out.

Reno pedestrian deaths on the rise

Pedestrians in Reno and across Nevada must be vigilant of vehicles. Since drivers are increasingly distracted, reckless and negligent, there is a constant risk that pedestrians could be struck by a car, resulting in injuries or fatalities. This is true despite law enforcement's attempts to encourage drivers to be cautious and adhere to basic safety procedures to avoid crashes. Because pedestrians are naturally vulnerable, any accident in which a pedestrian is involved can lead to terrible consequences. In the past year, the danger to pedestrians has grown worse.

Man, 22, needs criminal defense after DUI and vehicular assault

When there is an arrest in Reno, it is possible that there will be more than one offense that crosses the lines of the law into different violations. For example, if a person is charged with driving under the influence and tries to flee law enforcement, there will likely be separate charges. With different charges, there can be harsher penalties and it can be difficult to defend. Fortunately, there are alternatives to deal with the charges. A qualified legal professional experienced in criminal defense can be of assistance.

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