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Reno pedestrian deaths on the rise

Pedestrians in Reno and across Nevada must be vigilant of vehicles. Since drivers are increasingly distracted, reckless and negligent, there is a constant risk that pedestrians could be struck by a car, resulting in injuries or fatalities. This is true despite law enforcement's attempts to encourage drivers to be cautious and adhere to basic safety procedures to avoid crashes. Because pedestrians are naturally vulnerable, any accident in which a pedestrian is involved can lead to terrible consequences. In the past year, the danger to pedestrians has grown worse.

Statistically and anecdotally, pedestrians are in more jeopardy than ever. So far in 2019, there has been five fatal pedestrian accidents in Reno. According to law enforcement, most of these victims were older than 50. In most incidents, people being under the influence was not a factor. However, there were common denominators in these incidents. In some incidents, the pedestrians were not walking in the crosswalk or wore dark clothing.

Still, it is believed that half of these accidents are the fault of the driver with the other half the responsibility of the pedestrian. With the weather improving, there will be more people walking the streets. Local police have pushed the Vision Zero initiative to encourage everyone to share the road safely, be visible and be predictable in their movements.

Drivers are being told to reduce their speed, since moving at 30-mph or higher creates an 80% chance of there being a pedestrian fatality when there is an accident. Of course, distracted driving is a worrisome problem. In addition to the five pedestrian deaths in Reno, three motorcyclists were killed in a motor vehicle accident and one bicyclist died in a car crash. Therefore, nine people in Reno lost their lives so far this year in pedestrian, bicycle and motorcycle accidents. This is one more than there were at the same time in 2018.

When there is an auto-pedestrian accident, the pedestrian will inevitably get the worst of it. Despite law enforcement saying that pedestrians should shoulder part of the responsibility for such accidents, the number of drivers who are behaving unsafely behind the wheel has grown so problematic that the likelihood is that it was a driver mistake that led to the incident. Regardless, those who have suffered personal injury or lost a loved one in a pedestrian accident may want to have their case assessed by an experienced attorney to determine how to move forward.

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