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Personal injury after accidents could be due to marijuana use

The roads in Reno are dangerous enough with drivers who are under the influence of alcohol, are texting and driving, behave recklessly or are drowsy behind the wheel. People on the road must be vigilant and aware of the potential risks. Still, other dangers lurk and behaviors will inevitably arise that cause more worry. One is marijuana use and people driving while high. Since using recreational cannabis is now legal in Nevada, keeping track of studies as to driver behavior after using it is imperative. A new survey from AAA indicates that this is a troubling problem.

In the study, almost seven in 10 people who took part believe it is unlikely that law enforcement will make a traffic stop because of marijuana use. Within the previous month, nearly 15 million drivers admitted to driving within an hour after using marijuana. This is considered at least as dangerous if not more dangerous than distracted driving or driving under the influence of alcohol. A spokesman for AAA emphasizes how much more potent marijuana is than it was decades ago.

Some drivers do not think smoking marijuana before driving poses a danger. Of those surveyed, 7% said they believe it is acceptable to smoke and drive. This is higher than the number of people who think it is acceptable to drive after drinking at 1.6% or to drive while drowsy at 1.7%. Millennials are more accepting of marijuana use with 14% saying they used it and then drove within the next hour. Males had a greater frequency of driving high than females. With the rising number of states that have either legalized marijuana, are considering legalizing marijuana or are simply letting marijuana use go without punishment, it is no surprise that people are pushing the envelope as to when they use it and then drive immediately after.

It is critical for those who were in an accident and suffered personal injury to be cognizant of their rights to compensation after a crash. If the driver of the other vehicle was high, it is a key point when pursuing a legal filing for medical costs, lost income and more. A law firm that has experience in investigating auto accidents can help with filing a personal injury lawsuit.

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