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Consider your taxes when deciding whether to divorce in 2018

Whether a divorce comes only after a few years of marriage or after decades of marriage, once the decision to end their relationship is made, spouses in Nevada may be eager to go through the divorce process as quickly as possible. This may be possible for couples who weren't married long, have no children and have little in the way of assets. However, wealthier couples may have more complex divorce legal issues to sort out.

Dividing the family home and retirement accounts in a divorce

When a couple in Washoe County decides to divorce, they will quickly find out that divorce is not just an emotional affair -- it is a financial affair as well. In fact, according to a study by the Center for Retirement Research, net financial wealth for households that never experienced a marital dissolution was approximately 30 percent greater than households that had experienced a marital dissolution.

Can grandparents seek visitation with the child after a divorce?

Grandparents in Nevada can play an integral role in a child's life. While on a practical matter they may babysit their grandchild, or pick their grandchild up from school, on a more emotional level they can pass on their years of wisdom and provide their grandchild with unconditional love. Children can benefit from having many loving adults in their lives, including grandparents.

Courts will consider numerous factors in child custody cases

Parents in Nevada naturally want to make sure their child is happy and healthy. They do not want to do anything to jeopardize this, but if they are divorcing, they may have very strong opinions about who should have child custody. In contested situations, divorcing parents will need to turn to the court to determine which parent, or both, should have custody of the child.

How can couples in Nevada benefit from mediating their divorce?

Sometimes, especially if they have children, couples in Nevada going through a divorce do not want the situation to turn into a big, ugly battle. They may be afraid that their only choice is to go through litigation and have a judge make decisions regarding their divorce legal issues. However, not every divorce has to be resolved through a courtroom showdown. Alternative dispute resolution processes, such as mediation, may be an option.

What rights does one have if they have separated before divorce?

Some couples in Nevada in a troubled marriage may decide to undergo a separation period before deciding whether or not to divorce. For example, they may simply need some space and time to evaluate their marriage to determine if it can be saved before throwing in the towel. That being said, it is important for couples who have separated to understand how the separation will affect their rights.

Can a custodial parent move away with their child?

Sometimes, after a child's parents have divorced and the dust has settled, months or even years later the child's custodial parent may wish to move with the child. Perhaps they got an offer for their "dream job" in another city or state. Or, maybe they want live closer to family. Or, maybe they feel they could offer their child a better life in a different city or state. Really, there are many reasons why a custodial parent in Nevada would wish to relocate with their child.

Parents in Nevada have rights if wrongfully denied visitation

When parents in Nevada divorce, unfortunately they do not always walk away from the split on amicable terms. Sometimes they part with resentment, anger and a feeling like the end result is not fair. This may especially be true when it comes to child custody. The goal of any child custody arrangements should, to the extent that is appropriate, allow each parent to spend enough time with the child so they can maintain a meaningful relationship with the child. However, sometimes the custodial parent will deny the noncustodial parent the noncustodial parent's lawful parenting time. When that happens, the noncustodial parent has rights.

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