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workers' compensation Archives

Where to turn when applying for workers' compensation benefits

People in Nevada have a strong work ethic, and most go to work every day to support themselves and their families. However, sometimes a person's workplace can be dangerous, leading to on-the-job injuries or illnesses. Of course, some industries, such as the construction or manufacturing industries, have obvious dangers, such as the use of heavy machinery or hazardous chemicals. However, even seemingly safe office jobs can pose dangers. A person could trip over a tear in the carpet, strain their back reaching something on a tall shelf or develop a repetitive stress injury from typing at a computer all day.

Forklift operator in Nevada killed in worksite accident

It may seem like Nevada's construction industry is thriving these days. Apartment complexes, homes, retail establishments, offices and factories are just some of the structures being built all around the state. It can be lucrative work, but it can also be dangerous work, as one recent incident shows.

Construction site accidents and the Fatal Four

Whether it is roadwork on one of Nevada's many streets and highways or whether it is the erection of a new building, workers in the construction industry perform very important jobs. However, construction work can be more dangerous than other professions. For example, according to the federal Occupational Health and Safety Administration, of the 4,693 private workers who died on-the-job in 2016, just over 21 percent of these individuals worked in the construction industry.

Seeking compensation when you are injured on the job

Whatever the precipitating circumstances are, it is entirely possible for just about any worker in Nevada to be injured or made ill on-the-job. A worker might fall off a ladder, develop repetitive stress injuries, be injured by heavy machinery or in some other way be injured or made ill while at work. Sometimes these injuries or illnesses are so serious that the worker needs extensive medical care, and will be unable to work for a long period of time. When this happens, workers in Nevada may want to seek workers' compensation benefits.

When may firefighters be eligible for workers' compensation?

Cancer is one of the most serious diseases a person could get. Not only can cancer take a major toll on one's health or even be fatal, but it has a significant recovery period and even the treatments can make a person severely sick. It goes without saying that a person with cancer will be out of work for a long time, if not forever.

When can a person pursue workers' compensation in Nevada?

Sometimes, through no fault of their own, a worker in Nevada could suffer an injury or illness due to their job. Of course, no one in Nevada goes to work in the morning expecting to get hurt, but accidents do happen. Fortunately, workers who must take time off of work to recover from a workplace injury or illness may pursue workers' compensation benefits.

Nevada workers may be exposed to asbestos in the workplace

While most employers in Nevada want to make sure their workplaces are safe for employees, dangers can still exist that could have a negative impact on a worker's health. For example, one occupational disease that some people have contracted through their work is pleural mesothelioma, which is a type of cancer caused by exposure to asbestos in the workplace.

Helping clients seek workers' compensation benefits since 1965

Americans have a strong work ethic and do what it takes to get the job done. Unfortunately, even seemingly mundane work can lead to a workplace injury or illness. Of course, it seems obvious that some lines of work, such as construction work or working in the manufacturing industry present dangers, but even office workers can be injured when they have to lift something heavy or perform repetitive tasks over a long period of time.

Can injured workers in Nevada ever sue their employer?

In general, employers in Nevada are required to have workers' compensation insurance. When a worker is injured at work, he or she can seek workers' compensation benefits. In exchange for these benefits, the worker then relinquishes his or her right to file a lawsuit against his or her employer for damages.

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