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workers' compensation Archives

What if I want a workers' compensation hearing in Nevada?

Nevada workers who suffer an illness or are injured on the job will want to know whether they are protected by workers' compensation benefits. These benefits are essential to provide medical care and to help with lost wages while the worker is unable to get back on the job. A difficult scenario is when the worker seeks workers' compensation, but the request is denied. Understanding the hearing process and having legal assistance is critical.

Legal help is critical when seeking workers' compensation

For workers in Reno and throughout Nevada, being injured on the job and unable to work is a nightmare scenario. With medical expenses, the lost income and other issues that will inevitably arise, people are understandably fearful that their lives will come undone just because they have suffered an injury, condition or illness due to their work. That is where workers' compensation benefits become immensely valuable. However, there are often questions about getting workers' compensation and how it will be handled if there is a sticking point or an outright denial of benefits. Having legal assistance with any matter related to workers' compensation is vital.

Can my Nevada workers' compensation claim be reopened?

Nevada workers' compensation cases are rarely the same. Understanding how the law handles a case is critical to getting the necessary benefits. One problem that frequently arises is if a person wants to reopen a workers' compensation claim. Knowing how to deal with such a circumstance and having legal help is a must. When a case was closed and the work injury or condition from an industrial disease has changed or gotten worse, the worker has the right to ask that the case be reopened so more benefits and treatment can be provided.

Returning to work after being injured on the job in Nevada

Being injured on the job can be a stressful experience. People in Nevada who find themselves in just such a situation may be concerned about regaining their health. Will they recover from their injury or will their injury be permanent?

What are "accident benefits" for workers' compensation purposes?

Being injured on the job can be a difficult experience. A workplace injury accident can compromise a worker's health, leaving them temporarily or even permanently unable to perform their job duties. When this happens, workers in Nevada may be concerned about how they're going to afford the medical expenses associated with the injury.

Can a worker sue when workers' compensation is not enough?

When a person in Nevada is injured on the job, that person may be compensated for the costs associated with the injury through the workers' compensation system. Most employers in Nevada are required to provide workers' compensation insurance to cover the costs their workers may incur if they are injured or made ill on-the-job. However, sometimes a worker may feel like the workers' compensation benefits they are receiving are not enough to cover all their losses. They may wonder if they can pursue a lawsuit against their employer.

Workers in Nevada can appeal a denied workers' comp claim

When a person in Nevada is injured or made ill on the job, their primary focus may be on simply regaining their health. Unfortunately, some illnesses or injuries could prevent a person from working for weeks or even months. This is why the workers' compensation system is so important. It provides injured or ill workers with the financial resources they need while they're recovering. A worker should not need to worry about medical bills or lost wages at such times; they should be able to simply do what is necessary to get better.

Where to turn when applying for workers' compensation benefits

People in Nevada have a strong work ethic, and most go to work every day to support themselves and their families. However, sometimes a person's workplace can be dangerous, leading to on-the-job injuries or illnesses. Of course, some industries, such as the construction or manufacturing industries, have obvious dangers, such as the use of heavy machinery or hazardous chemicals. However, even seemingly safe office jobs can pose dangers. A person could trip over a tear in the carpet, strain their back reaching something on a tall shelf or develop a repetitive stress injury from typing at a computer all day.

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