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Posts tagged "Criminal Defense"

Man, 22, needs criminal defense after DUI and vehicular assault

When there is an arrest in Reno, it is possible that there will be more than one offense that crosses the lines of the law into different violations. For example, if a person is charged with driving under the influence and tries to flee law enforcement, there will likely be separate charges. With different charges, there can be harsher penalties and it can be difficult to defend. Fortunately, there are alternatives to deal with the charges. A qualified legal professional experienced in criminal defense can be of assistance.

Woman arrested for DUI, other charges

When there is an arrest in Reno, it is likely that there will be a variety of charges that overlap. That means a charge of assault could be linked to driving under the influence, hit and run and other crimes. The combination of charges will often lead to the possibility of significant penalties including jail time, fines and the loss of driving privileges. When confronted with a litany of allegations after a series of incidents, it is vital for the person to have a strong criminal defense attorney to begin planning a defense.

Man needs criminal defense after attempted theft and hit and run

For Reno residents who are accused of criminal offenses, there are often situations where one alleged offense leads to a series of others. While being arrested is never easy and can cause problems in a person's life, it is vital to think about the future and have a strong criminal defense. This is especially true when there are multiple charges lodged and, when they are combined, can lead to extensive jail time and other severe consequences.

When facing domestic violence charges, criminal defense is vital

In Reno, throughout Nevada and across the nation, there are a seemingly endless number of news stories about people being arrested and charged with domestic violence. While they should always be taken seriously when a person claims that a spouse, a loved one or any other person with whom they are involved has committed domestic violence, an arrest can have far-reaching consequences in many ways. Regardless of the circumstances, it is essential to have legal assistance to craft a criminal defense.

College basketball player charged with DUI

It is not unusual for college students in Reno and across Nevada to drink alcohol. While there is nothing overtly wrong with drinking if they are over 21, some will make the mistake of getting behind the wheel of a car. This can result in a traffic stop and an arrest for driving under the influence. Those facing DUI charges should be aware of the necessity of legal representation, as a conviction can hinder their driving privileges, their freedom and their standing in school. A law firm that handles DUI is crucial.

Man arrested for DUI and grand larceny needs criminal defense

Any allegations of a criminal act in Reno and throughout Nevada should be taken seriously. People who are facing charges of any crime should be cognizant of the penalties they will face, if there is a conviction. In some cases, the person has a history of violent behavior and will need a different level of defense than someone who might have made a mistake on a whim. Of course, no one is above the law and regardless of the reason for an arrest, there can be hefty consequences including fines, jail time and more. A legal professional who is experienced with all aspects of criminal defense is crucial to crafting a strong defense against all charges, violent and not.

Are sobriety checkpoints legal in Nevada?

No one enjoys being pulled over by the police, especially when they believe they have been following the rules of the road and have not done anything wrong. This may especially be true when a sober driver is stopped at a DUI checkpoint. Nevada statutes permit police to set up sobriety checkpoints. However, the question is still often raised as to whether DUI checkpoints are legal.

New device could detect marijuana, lead to DUI charges

While it is common for police in Nevada to conduct a breath test to determine a motorist's blood alcohol content, testing for driving under the influence of drugs, specifically marijuana, has been more difficult. That is because up until recently, blood tests for marijuana may detect the drug, but they are not able to pinpoint whether a driver is currently high or whether there are simply residual drugs in their system from prior marijuana use that has not impaired the motorist's driving. However, new technological advancements may change that.

A DUI in Nevada may lead to an ignition interlock device

The Fourth of July holiday was a time for celebration for many in Nevada, with barbecues, parades, fireworks and more. However, since this holiday is a popular time for drinking alcohol, Nevada police officers were on high alert for those they believed were driving under the influence. While many people may already know a drunk driving conviction could result in fines and jail time, they may not be aware that sometimes a person will also be ordered to install an ignition interlock device on their vehicles.

How can Specialty Courts in Nevada help drug addicts?

Nevada, like all other states in our nation, is experiencing an opioid crisis. Opioids are highly addictive drugs. For some people, their addiction to opioids is so severe that it will lead them to obtain opioid pain relievers without a legal prescription or even seek out illegal substances, such as heroin or fentanyl. Unfortunately, possessing drugs through such means is illegal and could lead to criminal charges.

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